I AM DONE. After nearly a solid year of treatment, surgeries, medications and horribly ugly compression bras, I am finished. I can’t believe I get to finally say these words. I’ve dreamed about it forever and while this seems like the longest year of my life, it also has been quite the blurred rush. On Monday, I had my final reconstruction surgery. And while it was a bit tougher than I expected, (granted, my expectations were happy hour drinks at 4 pm day of surgery and reality is I’ve just figured out how to get myself out of bed on my own three days later) it’s over. It’s over, it’s over, it’s over!

(I have to take Tamoxfin for another ten years but I refuse to count this. I am DONE.)

I am so excited and grateful. I’m sure as the bruises fade and that ugly compression bra is replaced by a little VS number and my former life with cancer becomes further and further in the distance, that excitement and gratitude will only continue to grow. I know there are challenges that still face me; that the transition to normal life can be tough; that there’s really no such thing as going back to before. There is you before cancer and you after cancer and there’s no reconciling the two. Just finding out where the new you fits in to the world. I am confident though that the life I have ahead of me is going to be an awesome one. A life I designed, intentional and full of love. And in so many ways, cancer was the path to get this life. I’m grateful for the lessons it has taught, even though some of the lessons came more in the form of a kick in the teeth.

India is going to be an amazing kickstart to that new life. I am so humbled by how generous everyone has been and how quickly I reached my goal (less than a week!). Terri, the founder, actually reached out to me last week and asked if I wouldn’t mind continuing my campaign to help some of the other participants who haven’t reached their goals yet. I’ve had several of you asked if you could still donate despite me reaching my goal, and the answer is a resounding YES! My fellow participants have their own stories, similar in ways to mine but uniquely their own. So if you haven’t had a chance to give and would like to, please click here or share with others.

And thank you. I may have crossed the finish line but in no way was this a one woman accomplishment. Your love and support has carried me at so many points, I could never claim to have done it alone.


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