Virtual Blog Tour Monday!

I was recently asked to participate in a virtual blog tour that would highlight my blog and why I write it while also getting to feature 3 of my other favorite blogs. Today I’m happy to share more about Bitsey with Cancer and showcase 3 other fabulous blogs.

What am I working on?

Being done with radiation! I’ve got five more sessions, two more surgeries and then I am DONE DONE DONE. But what I am really focusing on is my life as Bitsey withOUT Cancer. Reconnecting with friends, family and my husband. Starting off a married life with all this shit is, well shitty. But it’s getting better. And that’s a good thing. After trying on and off for the good part of my adult life, I have finally figured out the secret to yoga. Well actually, I haven’t. But for whatever reason, it’s struck a chord this time and I am totally and completely in love. I am addicted! It’s way too expensive out here though so I’m going to make a little yoga sanctuary somewhere in the house so I can do it regularly. I’m getting back into art and music and photo and writing all the things that make me happy.  

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Cancer is such a personal experience so I feel saying that I bring my own personal experience to the blog is kind of a cop-out. Everyone that is writing about their cancer journey is bearing their soul, and comes from a completely unique, vulnerable and different place. But perhaps that is exactly what makes my blog different. It’s my story. Just mine. Cancer looks different on everyone.

Why do I Create/Write What I Do?

To be honest, I started writing my blog just because I needed to get it out. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to publish it. I have always found writing a form of therapy and not knowing how else to deal, I wrote. I was completely lost, overwhelmed, devastated, naïve about what cancer was, what it would look like in my life. I had no idea what I was in for. Or how everything would turn out in the end. I mean I was 35. Isn’t that supposed to be young? I was getting married in 3 weeks. Writing this blog has made an incredibly difficult process just a little easier. And the response and support I have received has made the dark days much, much brighter.

How does my writing/creating process work?

I remember when I was in college my professor told me he loved my style of writing (pretty much how I write my blog: conversational, honest, run-on sentences) but I was going to have a really hard time finding a job with that style. Lucky for me, years later, blogs were created and my perfect writing genre was found. That being said, I can’t write unless I feel it. I’ve woken up at 4 am and written for 2 hours and I’ve gone without writing for 3 weeks or more. Once I feel it, once I’m inspired to write, I can get something out immediately. The most important thing is to be genuine and honest, which is why I don’t have a writing “goal” of a certain amount of blog posts a week. I write when I need to get something out.

Three other fabulous blogs!

Life Aboard the Traveling Circus

Bio: Addicted to the intoxication of travel, Jenna Intersimone, internationally wandering writer, summons a passion for the uninhibited which has brought her to the bustle of Istanbul, to the nobility of Oslo, to the romanticism of Florence, and then back to the wickedness of the Jersey Shore. A former award-winning editor and freelance travel and fashion writer for several publications, Jenna currently works for Gannett Newspapers and regularly – and obsessively – contributes to her travel blog

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Bio: Hi my name is Shana, born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I was a classically trained ballerina who quickly fell in love with lifting heavy and eating clean. After my mother passed when she was 54, I started a blog to share her life and her love of fashion. Addicted to all things vintage and old, I started a Youtube Channel where I take you shopping at local discount stores with my best friend how to style and look chic on a budget. I also started a Channel where I share my clean eating recipes, workouts, and vlog my journey to being better than I was yesterday and conquering each dream at a time.

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Like I Said…

Bio: Tamara “T” Braunstein is a journalist and writer by training and passion, currently working for a PR firm in Chicago, IL. A native of Seattle, WA, she adores the West Coast and thrives on adventure, the outdoors, and contemplating and writing about life, in all of its shame and glory.

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