Chemo Beanies

What a special gift I got in the mail today! Chemo Beanies is a company founded by my high school English teacher after she, and then a few years later her sister, battled breast cancer. Finding no head coverings that were both stylish and stayed put, they created their own, and the result was Chemo Beanies. Recently they were in the top running in the Wal-Mart “Get on the Shelf” contest, beating out thousands of other entries and it’s been awesome to see them get the success they deserve. They have had such a positive impact on so many women and I’m proud to be able to say I knew Ms. Albright when.

I’ve gotten a couple of their head covers since losing my hair, and loved each of them, but the one I got today was simply overwhelming.

You see, each design is named for someone specific. Someone who’s been through it; that has joined this amazing sisterhood through awful means.

I don’t know if it’s mere coincidence, but when I flipped over the package, I saw the design I held in my hand was named Niki. 

There was no note, no indication who sent me this incredible gift. But whoever it is, know that tonight, as I start to sink into the inevitable crap after chemo fog, my body may be weakening but my spirit is soaring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!



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