Six out of eight treatments done. My incredible sis sis made me an awesome healthy lunch and hung out for five looong hours to keep me company. She amazes me every day.


AND this beauty was waiting for me when I got home. Thanks Molly!! It is so beautiful. Like your friendship (which has been around since the 6th grade–we both made straight As so obviously we had to best friends!). We have run a marathon together, she introduced me to the beauty of kalamata olives, we have had more fun and memories than should be legal. Actually some of it probably wasn’t. I was her wedding photographer in Hawaii, we have been partners in crime in life and talent shows and social studies fairs. Molly has sent me something every single treatment. It’s made me actually look forward to chemo! I treasure you and our friendship more than I could ever express.


AND for the first time since my surgery, I am going on a little getaway! Lin is driving us down to South Carolina for Easter. It’s a quickie, I’ll mostly likely be sleeping the majority of the time and we had to rent a car since Tim and I both had car problems this week (it NEVER ends) but I’ll take it. Being tired on a lounge chair in a screened in porch next to a pool in South Carolina trumps being tired on a couch in my tiny house any day. I’ll miss Tim and B (no vacay time) but know I’ll be stronger for them when I get back.

My heart is full.


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