The Coolest

Too much coolness for one photo!

Too much coolness for one photo!

After I posted yesterday, I checked the mail to find all this fabulousness. My high school girlfriend Anne-Clark Hudson, who is an incredible artist herself, had her mom make me the most amazing hospital gown of all time. I can have never been so excited to wear a butt-less outfit!!

I also received this awesome hat (Team Bring it On!) from another high school girlfriend Allie McGaha, which pairs quite well with my new blonde mullet. I’m telling you, my dove sisters rock! (Doves were my high school mascot. Yes, cooing at sports games is the best way to scare the opposing team.) Never have I felt so constantly surrounded by love and support. Plus I got this amazing book and a bracelet that serendipitously reads “Faith” (Mol, were you and the fam reading my mind?) and possibly the most kickass t-shirt around from our family friends the Prices.

I have said it before, I will say it again: Cancer gives the best gifts! I am one lucky ducky. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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