Increasingly, I am finding it difficult to dress myself. Not because of any numbness of limbs, no worries (although my lips and mouth have been feeling numb lately) but because of my head.

I’m not quite sure if I will lose all my hair, or, as I have been, just big clumps of it. Because of the various bald spots, I’ve been wearing head covers (which are awesome by the way, check out my high school English teacher’s company Chemo Beanies). This has been helpful because not only does 20 degrees and a lack of hair equates chilly noggin region, but because I look like the Mr. Gizmo when a college-aged Lindsey spent New Years Eve at home and decided (after a few vodkas) to trim the dog’s hair. It’s pretty damn patchy. Do I shave it? Does it all eventually fall out?

Previously, I hadn’t thought about the challenges of dressing. As an all girls Catholic school graduate, I don’t really think about dressing at all. (Something that I hope to change with the help of my awesome coworkers, who recently volunteered to take me shopping now that my mother aka Niki clothes buyer lives in South Carolina.)

Collectively, I wear three outfits. I get a new wardrobe piece and that rotates in, something else rotates out, but it usually stays at about 3 outfits. Although I do have about 10 different versions of the black yoga/sweat pant.

Anyway, I think I’d be fine just being bald but because of the “looks like I got drunk and cut it myself” haircut, I’ve been wearing head covers. But as I realized this morning, most of them are brightly colored while most of my wardrobe is black and stripes. Meaning I look like a pirate. Tim suggested I just wear an eye patch for 4 months but considering I can hardly walk straight when I’ve got both eyes open, I don’t think this is a viable plan.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr. First world problems huh?


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