Quarter Progress

So today was my second treatment. Bam. Done. I think that makes me a quarter of the way done, but my brain has been a bit scattered as of late so I wouldn’t trust my math.

Tangent: Last night I was trying to make vegan butternut squash mac and cheese and it went totally wrong. Lin had come over earlier in the day to take my car in for service and cook for me for the week so I guess I was inspired to keep going (there IS a post coming titled “If you have cancer, get a sister”).

There is a difference between nutritional yeast and active yeast, by the way. One tastes like cheese and one makes your belly rise like a loaf of bread. Immediately.  Also the labels for back burner and front burner are not as clearly marked as they should be because my pot of water did not boil but I did burn a plastic bag of pasta all over the stove top. I’d blame it on the well-documented chemo brain, but considering this would not be a surprising event pre-chemo, I don’t know that that excuse will stick. Anyway….

It was super easy. My port has healed so it didn’t even hurt to get the needle. I got a little swimmy in the head, but they just slowed down the meds and it got better. I don’t know that I can technically say I’m done with the second treatment since the hard part doesn’t come till the weekend but now that I know how it’s going to go, I can handle it properly. And I’m actually in charge of who’s in charge, so I’m saying that shit is done. Uhhh. My girlfriend Sally came with me, which was super amazing of her, and in between taking two conference calls for work, editing a bunch of stories (being allowed to telework during chemo=amazing coworkers), chowing on Lin’s amazing Mexican Quinoa and fries (got to eat the goods before the appetite goes back to jello and Lauren’s orange drink) and giggling it up with Sal, it was pretty damn easy. So much so that the girl that was in the same room (no private room this time, so she heard my team meeting and I heard her poor heart tell the nurse how bad her diarrhea was) told us as we were leaving that she’s so glad to hear it gets better.

I’m feeling good. It’s a good day.



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