Better than Ever at 37!

I’ve mentioned before that I was going to try the Gluten Free, Dairy Free lifestyle for a bit after the holidays. It’s been a little bit over a week and it’s going good so far. Unfortunately, I haven’t really seen any results since I am just now deflating from retrieval but I’ve heard it takes about 3 weeks anyway. I’ve heard/seen/read mixed reviews particularly about the role of dairy in various cancers (they give those cows a LOT of hormones) but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot. At the very least it’s making me more conscious of what I eat. For the most part. Hummus, my own personal kryptonite, is both dairy and gluten free. Hummus is good for you right? Not in the quantities I digest it, believe me. Plus I’m pretty sure the bag of GF/DF bag of corn tortilla chips isn’t doing any wonders for my waistline either. Overall though, it’s going well and I’m going to try and focus on eating more whole foods this week vs. the gluten free versions of everything. (GF cinnamon buns? I’m in trouble!) Essentially, you can be unhealthy eating any type of diet if you do it in excess. There is a vegan blogger who writes about being vegan and overweight. If you can be vegan and fat, there is no hope for me. I met with the oncologist yesterday who finally gave me my schedule (the whole point of this post, just bear with me just a little longer) and she told me that the average person gains 5 to 10 lbs during chemo. I can’t even get skinny on the cancer diet? Good lord people. This is not what I signed up for! Anyway, more to come on all things gluten/dairy free. Or as Tim calls it, my tree bark diet. (Although he had no problem eating half of the special brownies Myrna sent me. Special as in gluten and dairy free, not as in Portland brownies, fyi. I’m pretty sure you can’t send those through the mail.) Anyhoo, so the whole point of my blog today was I FINALLY know when everything is happening and when I’ll be better than ever. For those of you who are more of the visual types (which is actually how I digest things), I created a diagram. (Click on the image to see it larger). Document2 - Microsoft Word 1212014 104225 AM.bmp-001 Better than Ever at 37! I’m going to be a flipping wise, appreciative, tough, grateful summabitch by then. I feel like every day I get more so, so by the time May 2015 gets here, I’m going to be off the charts! And if I’m blessed enough that a joint Bim & Bitsey Production actually happens after January 2017, I feel for those poor suckers. Their momma is going to be the toughest cookie in the world. You fell out a tree house on your head because you decided to climb up the ladder with your roller skates on? Let me tell you about that time I had this thing called cancer… (I kid!)



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