It’s been a big week so far. Mom and Dad left on Saturday morning after some three weeks of non-stop dedicated care taking. Tim and I both would have been lost without them. They were just amazing in every single way. It was a bit of a struggle, obviously, to start doing things on my own but both Tim and Lindsey have really been helping me out a lot.

I have just felt overwhelming embraced by love and support. I can’t even describe in words. I have received mass intentions, care packages (with the most heavenly tasting gluten and dairy free brownies ever–more on that later!), t-shirts, yoga for cancer survivor dvds, cards, head scarves, flowers and one of my favorites, this thing.


I mean how can you not smile at this thing? It’s just awesomeness redefined. Myrna, we are creating a new set up in the house just to display it!

And look at this picture I was tagged in on Facebook today:


My high school friend’s Jenny cutest little boy alive, Robbie!

While the support is pouring in from everywhere, I have received such love in particular from my high school friends, many of whom I haven’t spoken to in years. I went to a small all girls school, with a graduation class of just over 50. It’s amazing to hear from so many people and their kind words. The other amazing thing is how people have really opened up to me. So many people have shared in my struggle, or if not cancer, other struggles. My best girlfriend Molly who I’ve known and loved since the 6th grade, is also going through IVF. After one particularly hard day, she reminded me that by sharing what I was going through, it let others know they are not alone. There is such power in struggling together. It’s really feels like I’m part of this amazing community. The fact that Facebook, which is typically full of nonsensical political beliefs or cutsie hedgehog pics (I am guilty of this), can be such a support system to me is just crazy. But it’s true. And it works.

On top of all of this, I FINALLY had my IVF retrieval. It kinda sucked, like awful period cramps sucked, but out of the 34 eggs they retrieved (Duggar family, anyone?), 29 are mature enough to be frozen. I cannot tell you what a relief that is. I am just overjoyed. Apparently, that’s about as good as it gets according to the fertility doctor, so I am just so happy that chapter is closed. Until I have to put them back in, of course, but I’ve got a good three years until then. A biological Bim and Bitsey production is possible! Hallelujah!

Tomorrow is another post-op appointment and my first meeting with the radiation oncologist. I was hoping not to have to do radiation but apparently the cancer was close to my chest wall so it’s necessary. Oh well. Just one more ass to kick, I guess. I can do that.


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