Guess who drove to their doctors’ appointment this morning?

This girl! Granted, it was only about a 15 minute drive, but this MawMaw compressor bra/big girl pants wearing (side note: the bloating you feel from your period is due to 1-2 enlarged follicles; I had 34 in me meaning I’ve reverted to yoga pants as work wear), drain-attached lady still has it! Even at 30 miles per hour. I had plugged in my phone to listen to music (I have totally been absent from music since I listen mostly at the gym and in the car, two things I haven’t been using) and this came on.

Immediately, I was taken back to my 16th birthday, when my parents surprised me with my favorite car ever, the Civic (which would eventually become covered in rainbow stickers and an infamous neon license plate), and I drove 2 miles by myself to pick up my friends Cara and Kristy to take them around the neighborhood. (Kristy, coincidentally sent me an amazing treat today–a KING CAKE!) Cancer really does give the best presents! Thanks Kristy, I was so happy to get it!

But then, and I swear I don’t even have this song on my phone, came on.

And I was like HELL YAH. You know when you are in the car, and whatever “your song” is comes on, and you’re like I am the mutha flippin WOMAN cool cat!!!??? That was me. Even pulling into the hospital parking lot to see my breast surgeon and radiation oncologist. Bring it on bitches. Nobody messes with me. Or Kriss Kross for that matter. Uhhhh.


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