Tata to Tata Tea

Because I have some of the best girlfriends in the entire world, more specifically, the best sister, Lindsey decided a good way to cheer me up before my surgery was to have a tea party for my tata. I am so loved. If one thing has struck me over and over and over again, it’s just how damn blessed I am. Everyone came over and we talked all things nipples and drank tea (since I couldn’t drink the week leading up to my surgery—talk about solidarity!) and just lifted my spirits in general. I can’t emphasize enough how much having a support system like mine has helped me throughout this process. And although after the holidays, I’ve decided to go gluten and dairy free to try and make my insides as healthy as my new outsides, we had a hell of time with some brie that day. Tim keeps teasing me what is a Clark party going to be like if there’s no cheese involved?

When I went to my pre-op meeting with Dr. Bedri, they wanted to double check that someone was dropping me off and picking me up. There are a lot of people apparently with family members that are out of town or who work, etc. who just get dropped off the day of the surgery. I definitely don’t feel like I deserve all the love i’ve been getting but there is no way I can say that i’m not. My faith in humanity has been restored every single day. If the whole purpose of all this crap is just to realize how good people still are, well then mission accomplished. I have the best good girlfriends in the entire world.


Cheese does the boobie good. Or actually it doesn’t, which is why I’m going dairy free, but it does do wonders for the tastebuds!

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One thought on “Tata to Tata Tea

  1. I am so glad I was able to be there that day. I’ve read every post in your blog up to this one (and plan to read all the rest after I type this). You are so entitled to (A) all the crappy, freaking-out, why the f*^k did this have to happen to me, holy-hell-am-I-done-with-this-yet feelings & (B) every drop of love you receive on this journey. You give so much joy to others…maybe this is your chance to let all of that come back to you. I love you, woman!! You are such an inspiration. Before this…during this…and I am sure you’ll continue to be long after this!

    PS–I feel very cool that you used my pics!! Me=dorkus maximus.

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