Support Tara!

As challenging as this process has been, one thing I am aware of every day is how blessed I am to have good insurance coverage. I received a bill the other day for $21,000 for my biopsy and mammograms. With insurance, I’ll pay about $3,100. Which granted, is still a ton of money, but I can’t imagine facing the original bill, especially when you’ve got so many other things (like for instance, Am I going to live?on your mind. I recently learned about Tara Papanicolas, a friend of a friend, who was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of a cancer. Tara is self-employed, meaning when she gets a bill for $21,000 for one day of her treatment, that’s how much she pays. I highly encourage you to check out her page and help how you can. There are so many people that have it so much harder than I do. Everyone should be given a fighting chance and be covered with health insurance.


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