Bring. It. On.

I think one of the scariest thing I’ve discovered about cancer so far is just not knowing. So much depends on the results of surgery. My course of action; whether I have chemo or radiation, when my next surgery occurs. And of course, since I don’t know yet whether I’ll have to get chemo, I don’t know if I will lose my hair or not. So much of this is just setting expectations in my head. So I decided to be in charge and make the decision to cut my hair, knowing I may or may not lose it. It makes me feel like I am (very slightly) in control. So the Monday after the wedding, I did so.

Picture 005


Chop Chop. My sweet, sweet husband told me it wasn’t much of a sacrifice to cut all my hair off if I looked so hot with short hair. I’ll keep a few bonus points aside for him for that one. I cried before my hair dresser did it, but I do have to say it’s much easier and I rather like it.

Speaking of my hair dresser, if you have need a new cut or color, call up Lorraine at the Lorraine Aprile Salon in Old Town. She refused to accept payment from me and actually came to my sister’s house to cut my hair since the salon is closed on Mondays. I am touched everyday by the generosity of people. I will be forever grateful.

I also got this picture on my phone the next day.


My dear dear friend Molly, my best friend from grade six, who had just flown up with her husband Mike for the wedding, cut all her hair off in solidarity. She sent me another pic the next day dropping the envelope of her hair off in the mail to Locks of Love.

I am surrounded by grace and love.

You can’t take me down with those kinds of warriors behind you.


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