The only thing worse than cancer is going broke because of cancer. So from day one, I have tried to be vigilant in making sure I knew my coverage, who was in network, etc. But one thing I’m learning very quickly, the word cancer is only upsetting to you and those closest to you. And even then, once you get a non fatality verdict, you’re the only one that really gets upset. You’re going to live aren’t you? That’s the hard part, the rest is easy. Bullshit. Because insurance companies can still mail you and tell you two weeks into a three week wait for the results of a genetic test that they are holding your analysis/results until someone they qualify says its necessary. Because having breast cancer isn’t a qualifier. So it looks like it’s going to be mere days before my surgery that I’m going to have to come to grips if I’m having a single or double mastectomy. But what does it matter? I’m going to live right? Bullshit.


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